A Blog for Flight Training, Plus Anything Aviation

Bear with me as I create this blog page. I am creating a space for discussing my passion:  Flying — especially teaching and learning the art and science of flight.

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My background:  My name is Andy Rhude and I am a retired Air Force F-16 pilot. I have been a flight instructor since 1983. I began flying out of a grass strip down the road from our house (actually the back yard of my neighbor and flight instructor, Milton Hatfield). After soloing, I went on to Purdue University and attended flight school there, getting my Bachelor’s degree in aviation technology and my commercial certificate with instrument rating, CFI, and multi-engine rating. I also earned an Airframe and Powerplant mechanics license while there. I began teaching as a CFI there with the school and at summer jobs. I’ve been instructing ever since.

After college I joined the Air Force and after earning my wings in pilot training I was assigned to my first choice, the F-16. During my career I did a short stint as an instructor in Cessna T-37s, and I was also an instructor in the F-16. I have since retired after a 21-year career with the Air Force, and currently in my spare time I instruct in Cessna 172s and a 152 in the Coleman Aeroclub, the only US aeroclub in Europe.

I also hang glide and paraglide, am a certified Glider instructor, a CFII, and have my Airline Transport Pilot certificate with a 737 type rating. I have over 3500 flight hours, over 1200 of those as an instructor.

If you have a comment or question for me as a flight instructor, use this form to submit it to me and I’ll try to get back to you as soon as I can. If your question is a good one, I’ll publish it here with my answer.


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